Plagios: Heading into a storm

Osiris maldice a quien lee y no comenta òÓ!

It's just one of these days
One of those stormy days
A day that leaves you no option
But heading into a storm

I'm going to go through it myself,
Fight with my demons on the right to survive
I'm going to make war with the rain,
I'm going to run againts the wind

I don't know if I'll make it
If I'll get to live another day
If the wind won't break my spirit
If the rain won't drown me in it's tears

I don't know my future
But I do know looking back
I'm a better man just for trying
Heading into a storm . . .

Tanto la fotografía como el texto han sido vilmente fusilados. El autor original es gilad. Simplemente me han encantado y me he sentido ligeramente identificado ;)

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